Helping South African companies
and individuals

achieve carbon neutral status
Welcome to Kijani

Kijani Green Energy is an advisory consultancy providing environmental and financial advisory services throughout southern Africa. We specialise in energy project management, air quality and climate change science.  The consultancy has been operational since 2004 as SDG Consulting and in 2011, rebranded to become Kijani.

 Kijani fills a number of roles:

  • Development of energy schemes
    • Financial management and modelling of new energy developments
  • Air quality consultancy
    • Modelling, licence applications and EIA specialist studies
    • Climate change specialists
  • Corporate greening consultants
  • Environmental Media (through Simon Gear)
    • Public speaking
    • Writing
    • TV and radio presenting

Simon Gear

Simon Gear is an environmental professional with a decade's worth of experience in the fields of air quality, climate change and environmental media. He is a best selling author and provides consultancy services to Primedia and the SABC. Read more...

Going Green

Going Green Book by Simon Gear

Simon Gear recognises that South Africa's responsibility to climate change goes far beyond simple carbon accounting. With increasing energy prices driving change, there are opportunities to make organisations more efficient, more thoughtful and above all, greener.

We are faced with our best chance ever to make a serious and tangible difference, Read more...


Climate Change and the Language of Money

2008 will be remembered as the year in which two great strides forward were taken in enforcing more environmentally responsible behaviour in South Africans. read more ...